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They both have their pros and cons. Kickstarter is more popular and has more traffic, but if you do not meet your goal, you get nothing, also setting up the page is harder and you receive no help, unlike IndieGoGo which has an HTML editor to help you set up your page. IndieGoGo let you keep whatever money you raise.Also, another big difference is that the admins have alot of saying power on who gets ranked in Kickstarter. My project was getting traffic and donations but i was falling behind some other project that was not getting either, in fact, mine was dropping in ranks. It was totally counterintuitive and made no sense, on the other hand, IndieGoGo featured our project because of the traffic and donations.First, you should have this project mirrored in the other croudsourcing sites.Second, you should have a way for people to help that cost them no money to put down. I used AWSurveys, but there are others as well, such as banks that give you money for referrals or things like Direct TV referral program, etc. Just one will do, no need to have multiples, at least i don think so.Third, raise money in real life from your real life friends and family, then have them put that money through your main project site. Do not accept money outside the project sites, that way everyone gets to see how the entire project is doing in itself.

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