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In End of Evangelion, she’s still in a coma and Shinji comes to her hospital room and wanks over her in that state. Then she comes back into action after realizing her mother’s soul is in her Eva, protecting her. She defeats nine Mass Produced Evas, each with the best weapon of the series and unlimited power, only to have her Eva stabbed in the eye, utterly mangled, eaten alive, and its organs ripped out. She somehow survives and makes one last attempt to fight back. She fails, and dies by being impaled about 12 times. This tended to make the fans more sympathetic. She felt all of this happen because of the neural link. At the very least, she somehow comes back to life in the epilogue mostly unharmed. But considering the fact that the first thing Shinji does after waking up with her the only other human currently left is making an attempt to choke her to death, followed by her exclaiming sickness (which, according to Tiffany Grant was morning sickness, has. interesting implications). oh, and let us not forget that the reason she’s a Bandage Babe at the end is due to the injuries her Evangelion suffered (again, which she felt through the neural link) in particular, her eye is covered up and the last thing anyone saw of her (and, for the record, the thing that finished setting Shinji off) was her Evangelion being eaten by the MP Evas.

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Open spaces are at a premium and bars and pubs have taken over as venues with their pre packaged serving of music as the offering. At a time like this, the opportunity to not only witness music, but learn of it, at a sizeable historic venue, would sound like a thing of fancy. But this weekend, at the Purana Qila in Delhi, the Asian Music Festival will cheap canada goose cheap canada goose do just that.

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I felt alright the first time I got on a stationary bike. I felt ready to give it my all but I had to progress gradually because everyone around me was so surprised that I was on the bike. A lot of people actually didn agree with me going on the bike, they thought it was ridiculous..

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