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Upcoming Sentinel Watch programs:

June 2–8: How did Jesus heal?

Guests: Mary Trammell, Susan Richards-Dewitt, Deborah Master
People all over the world share a heartfelt love for the man called Jesus. On this week’s edition of Sentinel Watch, our contributors explain how it was Christ Jesus’ understanding of God’s love for us — and of our spiritual nature — that enabled him to heal, and to teach his early followers to heal, too. Understanding the life and words of Jesus can lead to such healing today.

June 9–15: Overcoming traumatic memories fully and finally

Guests: Ken Girard, Erin Powell
Does our past have to determine our future? No, it doesn’t. Our contributors on this week’s program found a spiritual “off” button that freed them from any power that the past claims to hold over the present. We have a right to be free from even the most difficult memories. You’ll hear how everyone can prove that divine right on this week’s edition of Sentinel Watch.

June 16–22: Does God really send everlasting punishment?

Guests: Laura Lapointe, Beth Galfer, Mark Unger
What would you think if you saw a sign saying, “Everlasting punishment, all are welcome!” The  subject of “Everlasting punishment” is explored at Christian Science services. And the good news is that there is no such thing. On the next edition of Sentinel Watch we explore how God’s everlasting love gives us the ability to break free from past mistakes and find healing.

June 23-29: Never give up!

Guests: Katherine Lewis, Beverley Beddoes-Mills
Do you feel overwhelmed by a problem that seems to have no solution? Well, our contributors know just how that feels. They share experiences and answer questions that will encourage you to “Never give up!” in the face of long-standing problems. So get ready to know why you need never give up … on this week’s ​edition​ ​of​ ​Sentinel Watch​.