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Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Among the 400 voters participating in a study she began last December, more than 40 percent supported the president on the NFL protests.Hessan tells Young that for many who disapprove of these protests, it comes down to “plain patriotism.” She says their views highlight the collision of politics with what many see as the escapism of sports and the cherished ritual of the national anthem.”One is the ritual of sports and how that’s for many people a sacred place where you root for your team; but people of all political persuasions root for their team,” Hessan says. “The other ritual, though, is the playing of the national anthem, everyone standing up, and the dignified, expected, comforting routine that that symbolizes.”Hessan says people in her study used words like “despicable” and “a disgrace” to describe the Ravens Jaguars game in London, where players sat down for the national anthem but stood for “God Save The Queen.” She says many decried those actions as making “a mockery of our nation.”How Every NFL Team Responded To Trump’s National Anthem Protest CommentsMany respondents also cited the hypocrisy of NFL officials who haven’t stopped these demonstrations but banned other displays of activism, such as when the Dallas Cowboys wanted to support the Dallas police officers killed in July 2016.”So the question, really the hypocrisy, is why did [NFL Commissioner] Roger Goodell say it was OK for players to take a knee, but not OK for players to wear a fairly benign decal supporting Dallas police in the aftermath of a shooting last July?” Hessan says.Lastly, Hessan says many who support Trump on this issue also said they feel liberals celebrate free speech but not when it is conservatives who are speaking. She argues Trump is using the NFL protests to turn the electorate against a group of people perceived as being part of the elite; in this case, football fans versus football players.”My perspective on this is Trump is dumb like a fox when it comes to this particular issue,” Hessan says Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags.

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