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That sad guy in the back is one of the waiters. He’s sad because he gets no salary and relies on tips like every other waiter, but people undertip him because at this restaurant they get their own food so they think he’s not a real waiter even though he has to bring them all their drinks and side dishes and give them a full tour of the restaurant and how it works like a clown and then bus the table because they have no busboys at the restaurant and just when the last thing he needs is for the managers to be mean and powerful middle aged women who are mean to him, that’s what also happens.

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canada goose store There is a delicate feeling when a cake is presented as a gift for birthdays and celebrations all over the world and Pakistan. Just like any other dish or sweet, cake is also created with some nourishing and tasty ingredients that give it a very separate taste and distinguish it specially for the good times. The main combination of flour and starch makes a cake always, a cake is a healthy protein diet not many people know. Cake possess fine taste and good health benefits for the human body. It is a lovely item for kids and women of all age during any time of the day. Cake consist of lots of sugar and fats as well, that is why it is sweeter than any other food items. Too much sugar and fat is not good for lots of patients, therefore during taking cakes in your daily diet, take care of its amount. Eggs are a perfect ingredient of cake, it provides a lot of energy as well to the cake and the eater of cake canada goose store.

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