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And yet, in your life, it may feel as cold and gloomy as any winter could be. Certainly, there are life circumstances that make us feel that winter will never be over for us. In the corridors and waiting rooms and family rooms and patient rooms of our hospitals, there are signs everyday that winter won’t pass. Persons who have lost loved ones find themselves in a winter of life that may seem endless. Families experiencing violence often believe that the winter won’t pass. Children living in abusive homes begin to believe the words in The Chronicles of Narnia, “It’s always winter and never Christmas.

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canada goose black friday SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My Profile”You need to be reactive, you need to be attentive, and you need to pay attention to the road,” said Manitoba Public Insurance spokesperson Brian Smiley.Taking eggs reducing Winnipeg crashes with geese, MPI saysGeese strolling across highway cause crash in south WinnipegMPI recommends motorists put on their four way flashers if they see geese or other wildlife and start pumping their brakes to warn other drivers.Vehicles following behind are warned to leave a safe amount of distance between other drivers and under no circumstances is it recommended that a driver starts swerving.’You’re going to swerve into the other lane'”You’re swerving into danger,” said Kenora Mayor David Canfield, adding drivers should brace for impact.There have already been 70 geese related crashes on Manitoba roads this year, according to MPI.Canfield has seen the tendency drivers have to swerve into another lane when geese and other wildlife come on the road.He wants drivers heading out to the cottage this weekend to know what to do.”I don’t care if it’s a squirrel or a duck or whatever avoid swerving because you’re probably going to swerve into the other lane and hit oncoming traffic.” canada goose black friday.

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