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Researchers at the institute plan to inject hydrogen into a doughnut shaped device to produce a super hot gas known as plasma. A test on Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2016, will show whether the 400 million euro (US $ 435 million) device can handle hydrogen, which would be the fuel in future fusion reactors.

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Assessments. Requirements. Feedback.15. But if Shaq had said he would stay for a dollar, he would still be on the team. It wasn about running him out. It was that he wanted and he was eligible for a certain amount of money under the collective bargaining agreement that my dad wasn interested in paying.

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BARRY LEMCKE, BUFFALO RESEARCHER: They came from Indonesia originally. They supplied the first settlements in the Coburg area and Melville Island. All of those settlements were eventually abandoned and, of course, no wire and fences those days so the odd ones escaped and probably got up to 350,000 all up.

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