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From a different angle, newly released police body camera footage shows an officer approach with his gun drawn and another officer already pointing his gun at Scott. When Scott comes into view, his hands are at his side and he standing beside his SUV. The body camera footage doesn show the moment shots are fired, and Scott is next seen on the ground..

replica ray bans He has promised, of course, to scrap the Paris accords, but even if he doesn’t do that, he and his team will do all they can to slow that building momentum. And since pace is everything here, that might well be enough. Our not verygood in any event chance just got much, much harder.. replica ray bans

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replica ray ban sunglasses Endorsements from beyond the grave! North Las Vegas rents out its basement apartment for some extra cash! And Bobby Jindal knows next to nothing about Jesus! It’s the (newly re named) look back at the week that was, the FRIDAY SLASHBACK! What’s the best kind of political endorsement? The one that nobody can really disprove, of course.That’s the real genius in would be attorney general Adam Laxalt’s bold assertion to the Reno Gazette Journal’s Ray Hagar that the late former state Senate Majority Leader Bill Raggio would have endorsed Laxalt’s candidacy. That directly contradicts the testimony of Dale Raggio, Bill Raggio’s widow, who says her husband had committed to endorsing Miller. (Dale Raggio and Dema Guinn, widow of former Gov. replica ray ban sunglasses

cheap ray ban sunglasses 7 in preparation for her surgery. The infant remains in intensive care and it’s unclear how long her recovery will take.The physicians declined to give further details of the girl’s procedure and current condition, at the request of her parents. Previous statements by hospital officials estimated a five to six hour surgical procedure performed by Dr. cheap ray ban sunglasses

fake ray ban sunglasses Located on the Pariser Platz, Brandenburg Gate is the only remaining one of the series of gates through which one entered Berlin. It constitutes the monumental termination of Unter den Linden, the renowned boulevard of linden trees which led directly to the royal residence. While the main design of the Brandenburg Gate has remained the same since it was completed, the gate has played varying roles in Germany’s history fake ray ban sunglasses.

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