About Us


CSWashington.com is the statewide Christian Science web portal from the Washington State Outreach Committee (WSOC). It’s intended to be the ‘one URL to remember’ to reach every Christian Science website in Washington — and a helpful springboard for Washington residents who want to know more about Christian Science.

We also maintain a Facebook page and a Twitter feed. Follow us, friend us, and stop by often to see what’s new!


The Washington State Outreach Committee was founded in 1993 by Christian Science churches in Western Washington to air The Christian Science Sentinel: Radio Edition in Seattle. In 2011, we expanded our mission to include operating a statewide web portal and social media. Today, we are providing listeners a myriad of ways to “tune in” to Sentinel Radio. See the “Sentinel Radio” sidebar at right for all the ways to listen!

WSOC continues to explore ways to share Christian Science via online and mobile channels. We are supported — with financial contributions, volunteers and prayer — by branch churches, societies and individual Christian Scientists throughout Washington.