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Upcoming Programs:

July 1-7: Place, purpose, and opportunity for all
Guest: Charlene Anne Miller

Our guest felt she wasn’t adequately prepared to find a successful career. Through prayer, she not only found a satisfying job but learned more about her purpose in life.Hear how approaching work from a spiritual perspective can lead to meaningful employment — on this week’s Sentinel Watch.

July 8-14: Prayer heals anger
Guest: Evan Bryant

It may seem that anger is a natural and even justified reaction to wrongdoing, but there is a better way to respond. The Bible says that the person who is ‘slow to anger is better than the mighty.’ When our guest felt overwhelmed with anger towards his landlord, he couldn’t find peace, no matter how hard he tried. He shares how he wholeheartedly turned to God and saw how to express more of his true nature as the image of divine Love. That’s on this week’s Sentinel Watch.

July 15-21: What are angels, and how do they help us?
Guests: Diane Marrapodi, Tim Puopolo, Tony Lobl

Our guests discuss what angels are and how we encounter them. They share experiences of feeling the healing, loving care of these spiritual messengers as talked about in the Bible passage, ‘He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.’ To learn more about the unique insights Christian Science offers on the subject of angels, tune into this week’s Sentinel Watch.

July 22-28: Consider the lilies …” (Luke 12:27)
Guest: Michelle Nanouche

Our guest describes how she was healed of a painful knee condition after considering the practical nature of the words spoken by Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount. Learn how this inspired sermon gave her fresh insight into what we are as God’s spiritual creation — and how God cares for and maintains us. That’s on this week’s Sentinel Watch.

July 29 – August 4: Is it good to be vulnerable?
Guest: Larissa Snorek

This week’s Sentinel Watch features a discussion with Christian Science healer Larissa Snorek about vulnerability, including both positive and negative connotations. She’ll discuss how God’s love is present to bring comfort, strength, and safety whether we willingly — or unwillingly — move outside our comfort zone. Your questions are welcome at