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Upcoming Programs:

September 23-29: Finding success in college and beyond
Guest: Martha Moffett

On this week’s Sentinel Watch, our guest shares how she navigated her college experience. She’ll discuss how understanding God as our best friend and the source of our intelligence provides a solid foundation when the going gets tough — bringing comfort and answers.

September 30 – October 6: How can I discover more about my spiritual identity?
Guest: Jenny Sawyer

This week on Sentinel Watch, we discuss spiritual identity. Our host and guest talk about how the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy are guideposts to this deeper sense of our identity, and how living spiritually is not only possible but also life-transforming. Learn how you, too, can discover more about your spiritual identity . . . and enjoy the health, peace and joy this understanding brings to light.

October 7-13: Unselfed love
Guest: Ethel Baker

On the next Sentinel Watch, you’ll hear about the joy and healing that unselfed love brings — and the ways you can share it with the world. Our guest discusses how we can make a difference by expressing this type of love, which was most clearly seen in the healing compassion of Christ Jesus.

October 14-20: Healing restores love of Christian Science
Guest: Edwin de Leon

On the next Sentinel Watch, we hear from a man who became alienated from Christian Science because of a troubling experience he had as a teenager. Later in life, he was diagnosed as medically incurable and degenerative. This propelled him to think deeply about faith, medicine, and God, until an experience of non-judgmental love turned him back to God for healing. Hear more about our guest’s searching questions, and the genuine answers he found, on this week’s Sentinel Watch.

October 21-27: What truly governs us?
Guests: Bosede Bakarey, Judy Wolff, and Tony Lobl

On Sentinel Watch this week, our guests share their understanding of God as the only real lawgiver and power. They discuss how praying with this understanding can lead to healing — and help our governments — even when politics feel divisive and frustrating. Learn more about how you can experience the power of God’s good government in your life on the next Sentinel Watch.

 October 28 – November 3: How can I find simplicity in the complexity of modern life?
Guest: Nate Frederick

This week’s Sentinel Watch features a discussion about how we can find simplicity in the complexity of modern life. Christian Science healer and lecturer Nate Frederick talks about how he found peace and order by praying to God, and letting those answers lead his daily life.