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Upcoming Programs:

June 3-9: Painful tooth healed through prayer
Guest: Laura Lapointe

Our guest will discuss how she turned to prayer when she had a painful tooth condition. Instead of turning to medicine, she relied on God — and discovered that divine Love could indeed remove the pain and fear and bring complete healing. Hear how she prayed on this week’s edition of Sentinel Watch.

June 10-16: What does it take to be healed spiritually?
Guests: Amy Richmond, Mark Unger, Jenny Sawyer

In an age of many medical advances, the struggle with disease goes on. In light of this struggle, it’s no surprise that many people are exploring alternative healing methods in their search for health. The guests on this week’s Sentinel Watch share how they have found a spiritual basis for health and well-being to be both reliable and effective.

June 17-23: Wealth gap or God’s perfect provision
Guest: Neera Kapur

On this week’s Sentinel Watch, our guest shares what she has learned about the provision available to all through God’s love. Knowing that this spiritual abundance is provided equally to everyone has enabled her to help others. Tune in to hear how an understanding of God as the source of all supply enables us to have what we need.

June 24-30: How can I progress spiritually in a world full of distractions?
Guest: Michael Pabst

If you want to hear how you can turn away from unproductive distractions and find the freedom that spiritual progress brings, tune in to this week’s edition of Sentinel Watch. Christian Science healer Michael Pabst will answer questions sent in via He will explain how understanding our spiritual nature provides us with the strength and persistence we need to turn away from self-defeating ways of acting, and discover the joy and freedom that spiritual living brings