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Upcoming Programs:

October 6–12: Parented by God
Guests: Mark Swinney, Jane Hickson, Kierston Agnew

Accepting a child into our lives is quite a commitment. There’s a lot to do, and a lot of love to give and receive. But sometimes it doesn’t go so smoothly. What then? Our guests share, from their own experience, how knowing that God is the divine Parent of all has been an invaluable support when bringing up their kids. That’s on this week’s edition of Sentinel Watch. 

October 13-19: Let God take the lead
Guest: Michelle Nanouche, Margaret Wyle, Elaina Simpson

Timelines. Outlines. We’ve got it all mapped out. Right? But what happens when things don’t go as planned? Our contributors on this week’s Sentinel Watch have all found that when things don’t go our way, it’s a wonderful time to make sure we are listening for God’sway forward — and heeding His divine direction in our lives.

October 20–26: The 24-hour pastor
Guest: Keith Wommack

The word pastor brings to mind a religious person who shepherds a congregation Spiritward. But what about a pastor you can consult 24 hours a day? A pastor that has healed people ever since being ordained? A pastor that not only knows the Bible . . . but isthe Bible, together with a book that brings to light the spiritual meaning of the Scriptures? On this week’s edition of Sentinel Watch, our guest will talk about this 24-hour pastor, and the love and care this pastor brings. 

Oct. 27–Nov. 2: How can I experience a satisfying life?
Guest: Mark Unger

“I can’t get no satisfaction!” the Rolling Stones famously sang. So how do we find true, lasting satisfaction? On the next edition of Sentinel Watch, Christian Science healer Mark Unger talks about how we can all experience a life full of lasting love, joy, and satisfaction by understanding and living our spiritual nature as God’s perfect creation.