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Upcoming Programs:

August 12-18: What truly makes us happy and satisfied?
Guests: Tony Lobl, Tad Blake-Weber, Annette Kreutziger-Herr

On Sentinel Watch this week, our guests discuss how to find true happiness and satisfaction by turning to God. One guest will talk about how he overcame substance abuse and another guest will share how she found joy after being overwhelmed as a working parent.

August 19-25: The whole world in His hands
Guests: Piper Foster-Wilder, Bill Moody, Deborah Heubsch

Can prayer have a healing effect on the environment? On this week’s Sentinel Watch, our guests discuss how they’re praying about climate change and other issues relating to the environment. They’ll share how they’re finding peace — and solutions — from their prayers.

August 26 – September 1: How can I feel confident raising my kids today?
Guest: Suzanne Riedel

On Sentinel Watch this week, Christian Science healer Suzanne Riedel talks about how she turned to God for guidance when raising kids. As she leaned on her understanding of God as both expressing Fathering and Mothering qualities, solutions came when issues arose. Learn how to find relief from the pressure to be a “perfect parent” by relying on God for care for both you and your children.

September 2-8: God—an ever-present help in trouble
Guest: Marc Schwartz

The Bible says God is an ever-present help in trouble. Our guest found this to be true when his basement was flooded in a storm. You can hear how he reached out to God and was led to creative solutions that protected his home. That’s on this week’s edition of Sentinel Watch.

September 9-15: Mission and purpose: Discover yours today!
Guests: Tony Lobl, Eric Bashor, Kim Hedge

Want to hear what really constitutes a satisfying and purposeful life?On this week’s Sentinel Watch, we ask what really constitutes living the life *you* want to live. Our guests discuss their careers and how listening for God’s guidance has led them on an adventurous and meaningful path that has increasingly clarified and brought into focus their real-life purpose.

September 16-22: You are loved
Guest: Alex Cook

Alex Cook has painted “You are loved” on dozens of murals. On this week’s Sentinel Watch, Cook describes how his work as a muralist has become a vehicle in schools, prisons, worship communities, and homeless shelters for conveying that all are loved. He also discusses how he himself came to more deeply understand the spiritual power of divine Love to overcome fear.

September 23-29: Finding success in college and beyond
Guest: Martha Moffett

On this week’s Sentinel Watch, our guest shares how she navigated her college experience. She’ll discuss how understanding God as our best friend and the source of our intelligence provides a solid foundation when the going gets tough — bringing comfort and answers.

September 30 – October 6: How can I discover more about my spiritual identity?
Guest: Jenny Sawyer

This week on Sentinel Watch, we discuss spiritual identity. Our host and guest talk about how the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy are guideposts to this deeper sense of our identity, and how living spiritually is not only possible but also life-transforming. Learn how you, too, can discover more about your spiritual identity . . . and enjoy the health, peace and joy this understanding brings to light.