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Upcoming Programs:

November 4-10: Christ healing — expect a transformation of thought and healing of the body
Guests: David Kennedy and Rudolf Meyer

On Sentinel Watch, our guests explain how prayer transforms thought and heals the body. They discuss how a clearer understanding of oneself as the reflection of God results in physical healing.

November 11-17: The road of world progress — be part of it
Guests: Lyle Young, Larissa Snorek and Tony Lobl

On Sentinel Watch, our guests discuss how we can each play an active role in praying for worldwide progress. They share how they have prayed and seen progress take shape in the world and in their own communities.

November 18-24: Church — why should we attend?
Guests: Virginia Anders, Ann Kneeland and Sue Martin

On Sentinel Watch, our guests share how church has made a big impact on their lives, how they’ve experienced healings from what they learned about God, and how uniting in prayer brings rich meaning and depth to their practice of Christian Science.

November 25 – December 1: What’s the relevance of the Bible today?
Guest: John Biggs

On Sentinel Watch, Christian Science healer John Biggs shares how the Bible is relevant in our lives today. He talks about how he found practical guidance and healing from studying the Bible and applying Jesus’ teachings to his own life — and how you can, too.