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Upcoming Programs:

September 21-27 — Caring for the world’s children
Guest: Ian Forber-Pratt

On Sentinel Watch, our guest shares what he learned about his true, spiritual identity, after he was born in India and then adopted by a white family in the United States. He describes his struggles, insights, and the holy moment that led him to discover his life purpose—to help the world’s children. He shares how he prayed, overcame fear and doubt, and founded the first foster child-care system in India. To hear how recognizing everyone’s true, spiritual identity can help us care for the world’s children, listen to Sentinel Watch at

September 28 – October 4 — Alleluia! The power of praising God
Guest: Jennifer Ann Gordon

On this week’s Sentinel Watch, our guest talks about how praising God helps us experience His ceaseless goodness and love. She shares several experiences, including being left homeless with three children, in which healing resulted from her praise of God and how she learned to live a life of gratitude and joy on a daily basis. To hear how praising God can bring healing, listen to Sentinel Watch at

October 5-11 — What is Christian Science and how does it heal?
Guest: Melanie Wahlberg

On this week’s Sentinel Watch, our guest shares her insights about what Christian Science is and how the spiritual laws of God that it teaches have consistently healed problems that she has faced. She also explains how these spiritual laws are taught and illustrated in the Bible and in the Christian Science textbook, Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. To hear more about what Christian Science is and how it heals, listen to Sentinel Watch at

October 12-18 — Conflict resolution
Guest: Elisabeth Seaman

On Sentinel Watch this week, our guest shares how her experience as a Holocaust survivor led her to want to help others solve their disputes peaceably. She explains how discovering Christian Science led her to a career in conflict resolution and mediation where she is able to help others solve disputes. And she gives examples of seeing God guide her in her work as a mediator. To hear how to peaceably resolve conflict in your life, listen to Sentinel Watch at

October 19-25 — Overcoming distractions
Guest: Tom McElroy

On this week’s Sentinel Watch, our guest talks about how easy it can be to get distracted from the healing focus of discerning and revealing the ever-present kingdom of heaven within us, which Jesus pointed to and proved. He gives examples of what he has learned in Christian Science about God’s constant care for us as divinity’s spiritual offspring, and how this has helped him identify distractions more easily and refocus on God’s true nature and perfect universe. To hear how you can overcome distractions keeping you from understanding and experiencing the kingdom of heaven within, listen to Sentinel Watch at

October 26 – November 1 — Praying about elections
Guest: Allison Rose-Sonnesyn

On Sentinel Watch this week, our guest reminds us that “one on God’s side is a majority,” as US abolitionist Wendell Phillips said. Our guest also shares how a higher, spiritual view of God’s infinite goodness truly governing all can help mend divisions, end conflicts, and find peace when politics seems to divide us, and illustrates this with experiences from her own time working with politicians. To hear how you can effectively pray about elections and support unity in our government, listen to Sentinel Watch at