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Upcoming Programs:

May 18-24 — Dating apps and finding that “special someone”
Guests: Elaina Simpson, Patrick Harber
Our guests this week on Sentinel Watch discuss how to seek and find companionship and lasting love — with or without a dating app. They share how they have found a peaceful feeling of already being loved when turning to God in prayer about companionship. They explain how looking for God’s spiritual qualities in others, instead of looking to a personality or material characteristics, has led to a deeper sense of God’s love and direction in their lives. To hear how you can feel a deeper sense of God’s love, companionship, and direction in your life, listen to Sentinel Watch at

May 25-31 — Do we need the God stuff?
Guest: Samuela Orth-Moore
Do we need the God stuff? Our guest on Sentinel Watch talks about how our lives are blessed in practical and abundant ways when we seek God first, as Jesus taught. She also tells about a man who lived in a refugee camp in Kenya who came looking for material solutions and instead found spiritual solutions through Christian Science that completely transformed his life. To discover why you need the “God stuff,” listen to Sentinel Watch at

June 1-7 — Do numbers have power over you?
Guest: Judy Wolff
Do numbers define our lives? On this week’s Sentinel Watch, our guest explains how we’re truly governed by God’s infinite and unlimited love.  She describes how Jesus proved this by disproving the influence of finite laws — and how we can, too. To hear more about your God-given dominion over numbers, listen to Sentinel Watch at

June 8-14 — Seeking and serving God first
Guests: Mark Swinney and Susan Booth Mack Snipes
On Sentinel Watch this week, our guests discuss how putting God first in their lives allows them to hear divine direction and serve mankind in a more meaningful way. They share examples of ways they’ve found daily purpose and long-term employment by humbly putting God first. To hear how you can serve God in a way that brings healing to you and your community, listen to Sentinel Watch at

June 15-21 — The healing power of the Bible
Guest: Mark McCurties
Discover the practicality and healing power of the Bible in our lives. Our Sentinel Watch guest shares how the Bible brings to light God’s love. He found that divine Love is not an abstract concept but a present, practical help — while quarantined during the 2002–2004 SARS outbreak. To unlock the healing power of the Bible — and to help you pray in response to the current pandemic — listen to Sentinel Watch at

June 22-28 — Righteous judgment
Guest: Tricia Chantha
On Sentinel Watch this week, we discuss the term “righteousness” — what it means in the Bible and how this applies to our own lives. Our guest shares how being faithful in relation to God puts us in the right relationship to others . . . and then healing results. To hear more about how to develop our righteous and faithful relationship to God, listen to Sentinel Watch at

June 29 – July 5 — Forgiveness and its healing effect
Guest: Val Minard
If we all truly knew what forgiveness was and how to practice it, what would our world look like? Our guest on Sentinel Watch shares why getting a better understanding true forgiveness can be the first step to healing. She says seeing ourselves in the way God made us enables us to understand our inherent innocence . . . and provides the freedom to forgive. That’s on this week’s Sentinel Watch at