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Upcoming Programs:

June 29 – July 5 — Forgiveness and its healing effect
Guest: Val Minard
If we all truly knew what forgiveness was and how to practice it, what would our world look like? Our guest on Sentinel Watch shares why getting a better understanding true forgiveness can be the first step to healing. She says seeing ourselves in the way God made us enables us to understand our inherent innocence . . . and provides the freedom to forgive. That’s on this week’s Sentinel Watch at

July 6-12 — Facing down hopelessness
Guest: Brian Kissock
This week’s Sentinel Watch guest explains how an understanding of God can lift us out of hopelessness to hope, and beyond hope to a conviction that God’s goodness will find practical expression in our lives. He shares experiences that show how this God-impelled hope can reach us, protect us, and guide us, even when we are at the depths of despair. To hear more about discovering a hope that leads to healing, listen to Sentinel Watch at

July 13-19 — What does our oneness with God mean to us?
Guest: Deborah Huebsch
On Sentinel Watch, our guest explores the idea that there is one God,and that we are each at one with God. She shares examples of how the power of this understanding can bring us safety in our daily lives and heal both physical and mental illness. To hear how you are at one with God and the healing effect this understanding can have in your life, listen to Sentinel Watch at

July 20-26 — The key to a successful job search
Guest: Virginia Anders
On this week’s Sentinel Watch, hear how one person discovered that the key to a successful job search came with the knowledge that now and forever we each work for God. Our guest walks through the lessons she learned along the way when she was looking for employment and how she found that being employed is far more than having a job — it is leading a God-guided life filled with adventure, joy, satisfaction, and purpose. To open the door to a successful job search, listen to Sentinel Watch at

July 27 – August 2 — The Bible and Science and Health: Infinite resources for good
Guest: Kathryn Davis
On Sentinel Watch this week, our guest explains how her lifelong desire to be a healer took her from an early aspiration to be a doctor to a career in a more spirituality based practice, which in turn led her to discover a book that revolutionized both her life and her healing practice. Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures rekindled her love of Christianity and the Bible and showed her the lasting and beneficial effects of understanding the infinite resources of divine Mind, God, which the Bible and Science and Health reveal. To hear more about how we can become aware of God’s infinite resources for good and experience them, listen to Sentinel Watch at