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Upcoming Programs:

January 18-24 — The path to discovering our divine rights
Guest: Sallie Letterlough
Our Sentinel Watch guest this week talks about how she worked for change in the 1960s civil rights movement in the United States . . . and was introduced to Christian Science at the same time. She shares how the truths she learned in her study of Christian Science have helped her in every avenue of life, and how she sees the First Commandment — having one God — as a healing force that can help to bring more uniform justice into the world today. To hear ideas on how to walk along a spiritual path to greater freedom, listen to Sentinel Watch at

January 25-31 — Omnipotence: God’s power
Guests: Deborah Huebsch, Amy Richmond, and Jenny Sawyer
“Alleluia: For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.” Those reassuring words appear in the Bible’s book of Revelation. Listen as our guests discuss the potency of understanding God’s all-power — from experiencing instantaneous healing to addressing global problems with assurance. To hear how you too can experience the healing power of God’s omnipotence, listen to Sentinel Watch at