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Upcoming Programs:

March 23-29 — Persistence triumphs!
Guest: Bob Stranathan
The Bible says “with God all things are possible” (Mark 10:27). Our guest on Sentinel Watch explains the spiritual persistence in prayer that is not trying to make something happen through human will . . . but is sincere listening to God to awaken us to discover the good that’s already present. To learn how to persist until we see God’s goodness triumph over the problems in our lives, listen to Sentinel Watch at

March 30 – April 5 — Getting past groupthink
Guest: Rosalie Dunbar
How we can be alert to and resist groupthink pressures? Christian Science healer Rosalie Dunbar says letting the divine Mind, God, guide us not only saves us from following the crowd but also leads us to find needed healing, individually and more broadly. To find out how you, too, can stay free from groupthink, listen to Sentinel Watch at

April 6-12 — What does Easter teach us about hope and healing?
Guest: Sarah Hyatt
On this week’s Sentinel Watch, we ask what we can learn from Easter about hope and healing. Our guest explores how we can find hope when confronted with hopelessness, progress when confronted with obstacles, and transformation when facing a dead-end situation. Through the lens of better understanding the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, our guest shares how healing and redemption are available to all of us today. To hear more about how you can feel this renewed sense of hope in your own life, listen to Sentinel Watch at

April 13-19 — Let go of limiting labels
Guest: Melissa Hayden
This week on Sentinel Watch, our guest discusses the prevalence of limiting labels and how a better understanding of our true, spiritual identity as a loved child of God empowers us to overcome these labels. She shares how she was able to replace limitations of fear and unrest with seeing herself the way God sees us all — as peaceful, good, and harmonious — and how this has freed her from accepting limiting labels for herself and others. To hear how you can let go of limiting labels and see yourself the way God sees you, listen to Sentinel Watch at

April 20-26 — What can we rely on in an uncertain world?
Guests: Amelia Newcomb, Mark Sappenfield, and Tony Lobl
This week’s Sentinel Watch explores the spiritual basis for confidence in the power of God, good, when evidence of uncertainty seems to spring up all around us. Our guests are editors at The Christian Science Monitor. They share news of a series the Monitor is running on “Navigating Uncertainty: The Search for Global Bearings.” They also share individual experiences of understanding and proving the deep, divine certainty God imparts, and which is practiced in Christian Science. To discover how to navigate a life of peace and joy in an uncertain world, listen to Sentinel Watch at

April 27 – May 3 — Daily Defense
Guest: Elise Moore
On Sentinel Watch this week, Christian Science healer Elise Moore explores why we need to prayerfully defend ourselves daily and how we can accomplish this. She explains that to truly defend ourselves, we need to detect the ungodlike suggestions of evil, sin, and disease — and neutralize them with the truth that God, good, is the only power and presence, thereby proving Jesus’ practical statement, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). To hear how you too can prayerfully defend yourself daily and eliminate threats to our well-being, listen to Sentinel Watch at